Home Entertainment Kula Dust Pekeeako: Kenyans React to Cera Imani After Breakup with Kharif Kairo

Kula Dust Pekeeako: Kenyans React to Cera Imani After Breakup with Kharif Kairo

Kenyans on X express their unwillingness to interfere with Cera Imani following her alleged breakup with youthful car dealer Kharif Kairo.

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Kenyans on Twitter have showcased mixed reactions after prominent socialite Cera Imani revealed that her latest boyfriend, Kharif Kairo, a well-known car dealer in Nairobi, has ended their relationship.

According to Imani, Kairo has decided to marry a pilot from Rwanda instead.

“Kharif Kairo refused to be serious to marry me but now wants to marry a fellow pilot from Rwanda. Wonders!” Cera Imani posted on X this morning, sparking a flurry of responses online.

Kharif Kairo and Cera Imani

Kharif Kairo and Cera Imani

The news comes after weeks of speculation that the couple might have parted ways despite previously showcasing their love publicly, making many envious of their seemingly perfect relationship.

The pair had frequently flaunted their affection, including a notable instance where Kairo took Imani on a helicopter vacation.

Additionally, Kairo had declared his intention to marry Imani before December this year, further fuelling the surprise and confusion among their followers.

But despite this, a section of Kenyans remain sceptical about the authenticity of their relationship. Many believe that their romance was merely a publicity stunt for showbiz purposes.

Photo collage of Cera Imani and Kharif Kairo

Photo collage of Cera Imani and Kharif Kairo

This perspective has led to a wide array of comments on social media, with some expressing sympathy for Imani, while others criticise her for airing her personal grievances publicly.

Notable reactions included @content254 saying, “Usijali mm ni mkenya halisi, na bado nko hapa, sitakuacha, na sina mtu” (Don’t worry, I’m a true Kenyan, I’m still here, I won’t leave you, and I’m single).

Another user, Ochieng Malo, remarked, “Second hand from abroad is better than second hand imepitia rough roads za Kenya.”

Ben The Banger added, “Enda ukaskie vibaya nauko” (Go and feel bad over there).

All the same, it remains to be seen how Kairo will respond to the allegations and whether this will impact his reputation as a car dealer in Nairobi.

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