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Why Kuria’s Change Of Tune Over Martha Karua Not Surprising.

Moses Kuria had previously endorsed Martha Karua as the region's best leader, only to change tune

by Isaac Odhiambo Snr
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Controversial politician Moses Kuria has now claimed that however good Azimio Deputy Presidential candidate Martha Karua could be, her team captain Raila Odinga will not let her work as she should. His statement comes after a period of silence following Martha Karua’s nomination as Raila Odinga’s deputy pick.
Previously,  Video clips had emerged of Moses Kuria swearing vehemently that Martha Karua was the political antidote that would cure the leadership disease in the country despite the coalition she would end up in.
Thereafter, the surprise pick of Matha Karua by Raila Odinga caught Moses Kuria by surprise, and he retreated to a silent mood until his statement.
Speaking on 20th May, Moses Kuria used the strained relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto to pass his point that regardless of how good a Deputy President could be, he or she would not do much with an uncooperative president.
Kuria alleged that like Ruto, Karua would find herself in an environment that would not be supportive of her ideals, and capabilities, and in the end, she would be chocked in that toxicity, just as DP Ruto was.
‘…kwa Raila bado kumeoza, hata Martha akiwa huko…’ Moses Kuria asserted
The MP has been a consistent critic of ODM boss Raila Odinga, and at times crossed ethnic hegemonic lines in his opposition of Raila and his support base, and it would have been a surprise if he supported his pick of Martha Karua as a running mate, despite his earlier clarion call to his fellow leaders from Mt. Kenya to rally behind the reformist leader and legal giant.
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