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Fighting The Opposition As The Nation Starves

by Guest Editor
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The Ruto government has decided that their first job is to shout about the opposition in Public meetings.The statistics has indicated that this is the worst perfomed government during their first quarter since they assumed office. They want to govern the opposition because running the country is an impossible task for them.

The Deputy president Righathi Gachagua who insisted that the administration will never entertain any form of handshake and said that Raila should be committed to his role of criticizing the government and acting as watch dogs.

The crazy Deputy president blamed the opposition for abetting state capture and extra judicial killings by joining hands with the retired president; Uhuru Kenyatta. This claim has proven that the leadership is not concerned about the country’s welfare and economy but ganging up to fight one common “enemy”

Let’s not talk about extending presidential terms or giving excuses that the time you have is limited. Giving lame excuses is a clear indication that the leaders we have in office are after public funds and cheap public relations.

The Dp Gachagua claims that if Raila Odinga remained in the opposition during the former regime these atrocities would not have happened.Yes he might be right but what about the current government? What can they offer apart from squandering public resources and over taxing Kenyans?

As they said the Kenya kwanza government is keen on a strong and vibrant opposition to keep them on check, but why do they threaten the people who criticize the government ie the Busia senator;Okiya Omtatah who recently claimed that his life is in danger for claiming to sue the government over the housing levy.

They rubbished the claims that the current government is oppressing the citizens.They claimed that they are in the process of fixing the nation. The so called fixing the nation seem to be running for ages as the prices of commodities are skyrocketing.

This government needs to do something to deal with real issues dragging the country to the ground as the neighboring countries thrive.

Can this government find a way to relate Kenyans and with this nightmare of food shortage in the country?
Can this government be able to focus on implementing it’s manifestos rather than blaming other parties for their inability to perform?

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