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Musalia, Gachagua Feud Tears UoN Apart As Kiama Defies Council, Vows To Stay Put

A leadership wrangle at the University of Nairobi is turning ugly between Vice Chancellor Kiama and the University Council with both sides backed by high offices

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The supremacy battle between Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has reared its ugly head at the University of Nairobi in what is now turning to an ugly fight involving Vice Chancellor Stephen Kiama that threatens the stability of the institution.

At the center of the ugly fight is the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama Gitahi who is believed to have the backing of officials in the Deputy President’s office. On the other side of the fight is the University of Nairobi Council led by Prof. Amukowa Anangwe who is widely known to enjoy the backing and confidence of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

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Drama started unfolding at the University of Nairobi at the start of August when the University Council issued a communique that it had accepted the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama’s request to proceed to a six-month’s leave pending the end of his contract. In his place, the University Coucil appointed Prof. Julius Ogeng’o to act as the Vice Chancellor.

However, on 1st September 2022, just a month after Kiama had gone on leave, he abruptly returned to the institution and took charge of the university’s running, throwing off everyone in surprise, including the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Julius Ogeng’o.


Prof. Stephen Kiama on announcing his return at the institution

As expected, the University Council quickly convened to discuss and decide on the show of crude arrogance and disregard of procedures by Prof. Kiama. However, the University Council was allegedly ordered by powers from ‘above’ not to discuss Prof. Kiama’s return, effectively barring it from discharging its mandate.

Pundits can easily see the shadow fight between the offices of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and that of Rigathi Gachagua that have taken opposing sides in this leadership wrangle that threatens the smooth running of the institution.

While the University Council and Prof. Kiama fight it all, who will be the biggest losers if not the students and their parents?

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