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Kenya-DRC Situation Is An Evolving African Drama

by Guest Editor
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Over the recent past alot has been going on in the DRC which has claimed lives of many and made people live in fear.

A DRC dissident group has launched in Nairobi a coalition to topple President Felix Tshisekedi of DRC from power.The group is determined to get to power and begin the process of fixing the nation.

Tshisekedi was propped up here in Kenya, and the group who addressed an international press here in Nairobi stated they intend to remove Tshisekedi from power for infringing the Congolese constitution.

The group would have ordinarily withered away without a storm if not for the fact that it includes representatives of M23, the militia group in Eastern DRC that’s at active war with the DRC government.

President Tshisekedi is expected to ‘win’ a highly dubious election slated for next week whose voting materials are yet to arrive in the DRC. Nobody in the entire DRC knows who is printing the ballot papers, where they are being printed and in what numbers, the group claims.

What’s unique about the ‘Alliance Fleuve Congo’ is their determination that participating in the December 20 DRC polls will be a waste of time hence they’re boycotting it.

President Tshisekedi, they argue, has already rigged the election and only awaiting a coronation.

Like a typical African, Tshisekedi’s campaign has been laced with manufactured hostility towards Kenya. Already he declined to renew the mandate of the EACRF that Kenya headed, and which forced KDF to pull out of the country.

Tshisekedi’s animus towards Kenya as a campaign gimmick has seen him accuse Kenya of backing M23 rebels, etc.

Alliance Fleuve Congo, being led by Congolese politician Corneille Nangaa Yobeluo, and launched here in Nairobi days ago, has led to such a diplomatic storm between Kenya and DRC leading to the expulsion of the Kenyan Ambassador to the DRC.

This is an evolving African drama.

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