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Sultana TV Show Takes New Twist As JJ Officially Proposes To Sultana With His Mom’s Diamond Ring

by Mwende
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In today’s episode of Sultana, so many events have occurred. JJ, who had escaped home to Kokani’s place with his mom’s diamond ring, coincidentally meets Sultana. The two can’t imagine what just happened. JJ hugs Sultana so tight that she is convinced he is in love with her.

Like any other couple, the two are seen to be having a lot of fun, with JJ shocked in disbelief. Sultana is so reluctant to tell JJ where they relocated to. JJ curiously pleads with her to at least show him the way so that he can go and talk to Bi. Salama.

Later on, Sultana accepts and walks with JJ straight to her home. Just a few meters away, Sultana warns JJ that Bi. Salama won’t be happy after seeing him. JJ decides to give a diamond ring to Sultana as a sign that he will always be with her. As we all the ring is supposed to be given to the lady with whom JJ feels like he can spend the rest of his life.

Jj insists on going, but Sultana refuses. JJ makes his way to the house within no time, and like a gentleman, he knocks on the door. Having heard the noise, Bi. Salama angrily calls Sultana and asks him where she is coming from. Both of them are in deep confusion.

JJ tries to talk to Bi. Salama, but she can’t listen to her. She pinches Sultana’s ear so hard that Sultana seems painful. Jj feels for her, but he can’t help. Salama and Sultana proceed to the house, but JJ tries to talk her sweet to just listen to him but unfortunately can’t listen to him.

JJ and Sultana

JJ leaves after hearing Sultana scream so loud, indicating that Salama had beat her up. Later, Sultana decides to have a woman-to-woman talk with his mom. She tells Bi. Salama that she is in love and nothing will stand against her and JJ.
Let’s all wait and see whether Bi. Salama will accept the fact that Sultana and JJ are in love.

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