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‘Nilikua Na Stress’ Joyce Maina Discloses How Slim Body Affected Her

The Kenyan media personality disclosed that she had to wear her make up whenever she was going out

by Jayden Musembi
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Popular Kenyan media personality Joyce Maina has narrated the recent insecurity that almost made her get into depression.

Narrating her body journey, the controversial social media influencer disclosed that her skinny body was her number one insecurity. She narrated that it affected her self-esteem, even though she was not courageous enough to speak about it. Joyce Maina is one of the most sought-after media personalities in Kenya, and this huge space in the limelight could have played a huge role in this.

Joyce Maina

Media personality Joyce Maina

Joyce narrated that her chest which turned out to be small was a major scare as well. She explained that her small body also, was a huge scare. That is not all, Joyce stated that her feet were so huge, and this was another security, even though she didn’t get a chance to speak about it more often.

When you are a woman and you are in the limelight, on many instances, you will feel this way from time to time, because the perception of what people could think about you is still fresh.

Ms Maina went ahead and stated that she had to come to terms with the fact that nobody is perfect in this world, adding that it was a huge problem to swallow. She claimed that there was a time that she couldn’t go out in peace, adding that she had to put on make-up whenever she was going out.

Joyce Maina,

“I was also very insecure about my small chest and being skinny. with time I started gainging weight and I was inscure about that as well. I have overcome those insecurities now but we are human so there are new insecurities every day.”

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