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“Uhuru Hutaenda Mbinguni” Sudi Launches Fresh Attacks On Uhuru Over Tuju’s Outbursts

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi has launched scathing attacks at President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Jubilee party secretary general Raphael Tuju after the eruption of Uhuru and Ruto’s alleged 2013 and 2017 political deals.

On Wednesday, Raphael Tuju claimed that president Uhuru Kenyatta paid DP Ruto handsomely and promised him 50 per cent of the cabinet and parastatal slots before teaming in 2013 and 2017.

In a video that Ruto’s affiliated legislator shared on social media sites, Sudi faults ‘thankless’ head of state for allegedly abandoning his principal assistant, William Ruto, even after rescuing him from political oblivion in 2002.

“Wacha Uhuru nikukumbushe kidogo, unakumbuka 2002 ulikuwa umechapa sana. Mimi nilikuwa hapo kama mtu wenu wa mkono, ulikuwa unatusumbua na kupiga simu ukiuliza tunaendelea namna gani na campaigns” Sudi narrated.

He also urged the two country’s heads to clear the air on their bruise political divorce and let the electorates understand the backbone of their political enmity rather than pointing fingers at each other without explaining to Kenyans what transpired that led to the two parting ways. He also claimed that president Uhuru Kenyatta won’t go to heaven when he dies.


Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi

“Mimi nataka Uhuru Kenyatta na William Ruto wajitokeze na waambie wakenya ukweli, ni nini ilifanya hii kukosana ikakuja. Kwa sababu Uhuru ako na machungu sana. Nilisikia akiongea kwa uchungu sana. Na wacha nikuambie Uhuru Kenyatta, wewe hutaenda mbinguni” added Sudi.

Kapsaret lawmaker also claimed that president Uhuru Kenyatta convened a closed door meeting with UDA rebel aspirants and independent candidates eyeing for elective seats from deputy president William Ruto’s rural turf to hatch political deals that will depopularize Ruto’s UDA from the region and instill Azimio – One Kenya ahead of August 9, contest.

Sudi alleged that Uhuru asserted to support and finance UDA critics from Rift Valley region and directed Azimio – One Kenya allied electorates to vote on 9th August, early in the morning before 11am.

“You called UDA rebel aspirants and independent candidates from Rift valley and offered them financial support to campaign against UDA in the region, and even directed them to ensure that all Azimio electorates ought to vote before 11am on 9th August. I want to tell you that your plans to instigate violence won’t succeed” Sudi added.

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