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Moment When Sakaja Disclosed He Owned A Multi-Dollar Apartment While In Campus

Sakaja explained that his first car, a Mercedes Benz was owned by Moses Wetangula

by Jayden Musembi
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Nairobi’s UDA gubernatorial aspirant Johnson Sakaja once revealed that he bought his first car and owned his first apartment at Yaya Centre when he was a campus student. Sakaja explained that he realized later that the car belonged to Ford Kenya Party leader Moses Wetangula.

Sakaja revealed this during a previous interview on Churchill’s show. Narrating how he made money to buy his dream car, a Mercedes, Johnson Sakaja stated that he used to do salon work, shaving, and do other people’s laundry. He stated,

I had a salon, laundry, Kinyozi, washing guys’ clothes. Every day I had an extra 6,000. I had some resources because I bought the car for 500,000. By the time I was in my fourth year I had an apartment in Yaya.”

He revealed that when he was in school, he had a picture of a Mercedes Benz on his desk, and every time, he reminded himself that he had to focus. He stated,

Under my desk, I had a photo of a Mercedes car. Every time I made a noise I would remind myself to focus. I bought my Mercedes in 2017.”

The Nairobi senator disclosed that he started working when he was only 19 years old. He also worked as a cyber attendant. Later on, at the age of 27, Sakaja became the chairman of the TNA party. Sakaja also narrated a scenario where he lost the sunroof of his car. He explained that a Boda Boda rider who collected it demanded that he pay so that he could get it back. He wrote,

“I was going to Nakuru before I started feeling cold. I could also hear people honking at me, that is when I realized the sunroof was missing. I had to go back and look for it. On my way, I saw a boda guy carrying the sunroof and he refused to give it to me. I had to buy it back.”

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