Home Politics Rigathi Gachagua Alleges Lee Kinyanjui Is Former President Moi’s Son Citing Evidence

Rigathi Gachagua Alleges Lee Kinyanjui Is Former President Moi’s Son Citing Evidence

Rigathi Gachagua exposes how Lee Kinyanjui is linked to former president Moi's family

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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In his speech while addressing the residents of Molo, Gachagua hit back at Lee Kinyanjui for slandering him in recent days together with his Kenya Kwanza coalition. The MP said that Kinyanjui has been following Raila Odinga wherever he goes until he has forgotten to carry out his duties to the people of Nakuru. Gachagua then said that Kinyanjui has a poor track record than any other leader in the country alleging that he is former president Moi’s son.

Lee Kinyanjui you are supposed to come to Molo and apologize because your biological father who gave birth to you was the commander in chief of the Armed Forces and the President of Kenya when the people of Molo were suffering,” said Rigathi Gachagua.

Rigathi Gachagua went ahead and lectured Governor Lee Kinyanjui for consistently exposing him badly in public. He said Kinyanjui was focused on campaigning for Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga and left his job to serve the people of Nakuru. DP Ruto’s running mate had visited the Mt. Kenya region in Nakuru where he was campaigning for his boss, Deputy President William Ruto in preparation for the August general elections.

Gachagua’s words were actually a response to what Kinyanjui had said addressing a group of residents saying that it is so unfortunate that Gachagua is currently Campaigning in different parts of the country despite the fact that he allegedly wronged a lot of people back when he was a district officer. In his own words, Lee had called upon Gachagua to make a public apology for what he did.

ring this trip, he was in the company of other Kenya Kwanza coalition members among them Susan Kihika who seeks to be elected as the next governor for Nakuru. According to his statements, he was trying to politely ask governor Lee Kinyanjui to focus on the job that keeps him in office instead of developing greed for the next elections.


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