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Murathe Reveals Intelligence Reports He Received About Raila’s Popularity

Murathe says intelligence reports have confirmed Raila is more popular than Ruto

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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As more information becomes available, Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe has notified the Azimio team about the National Intelligence Service report regarding former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s statehouse campaign. Raila Odinga is currently ahead of DP Ruto in the polls according to Murathe. Murathe is a vocal opponent of Ruto who added that the political landscape is steadily shifting in Azimio’s favour.

The Jubilee Vice-Chairman stated that recent polls and surveys by the  National Intelligence Service place Raila Odinga narrowly ahead of DP Ruto.

The issue we had was to get rid of the ‘yellow fever in Mt. Kenya. Yellow was the undercoat, we are now painting the country blue… Our numbers are informed by research and intelligence. In Mt. Kenya, Raila has edged ahead of the DP,” Murathe told K24.

Murathe hits out at Ruto

Murathe insisted that DP Ruto does not deserve to be given the Presidential seat since he is a man who is full of lies and empty promises.

Nobody can believe Ruto. He has been on record promising laptops and stadia. Ruto has been powerfully in government for 30 years. If there was something he wanted to do for Kenyans, he has had all the opportunities to do it,” Murathe added.

He said that DP Ruto should expect to see dust because by the time we near the August elections, everything will have probably changed and the situation will have changed in the Mt. Kenya region.

However, the question remains to be whether Murathe really speaking the truth or just sending threats to scare DP Ruto who seems to be enjoying massive support in the mountain. A lot is expected the more we near the August elections as tables seem to be gradually turning against some political figures.

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