Home Politics Simba Arati Warns Slay Queens Approaching Him Since He Became Kisii Governor

Simba Arati Warns Slay Queens Approaching Him Since He Became Kisii Governor

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Kisii governor Simba Arati has said that his political success is bringing women his way, some of whom are young ladies popularly known as slay queens.

The county chief says that it’s normal for women to throw themselves at him every now and then, despite being well aware that he is a married man.

But he has noted that he has been turning them down every time they try it, to remain faithful to his wife, whom he admits has been of great help to him.

Arati, a first-term county boss, has revealed that he is well aware that getting involved in love triangles can affect his political career, terming this the other reason he is avoiding them.

“I don’t entertain slay queens or funny women, my brother. Sometimes they throw themselves at me, but I politely decline their advances because, for someone who holds public office, they can be easily used to bring you down,” he told The Standard in a question and answer interview.

The leader said that to him, one woman is enough and he doesn’t plan on having another.

He added that he is an honest man who can never get involved in corruption, even if it were offered to him or if he found his friends doing it.

Arati says that he inherited this trait from his dad, whose honesty resulted in extreme poverty in their family.

“I come from a very poor family. My father was fired from the police service because he refused to enforce illegal orders. We grew up so poor because my father was an honest man. I have taken that trait from him,” he is further quoted.

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