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Blow To Mudavadi As Allies Dump ANC For Azimio

Azimio governor welcomes more leaders in Azimio who have dumped DP Ruto's Kenya Kwanza for Raila

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Alliance made significant gains from Ruto’s camp Kenya Kwanza Alliance with just a few days left to the fourth coming August general elections.  The Azimio Governor, Honorable Alex Tolgos, welcomed many leaders from Mudavadi Musalia’s ANC and UDA party to the Azimio camp according to news reports from Citizen TV. This is something that sends jitters to the Kenya Kwanza boss to lose numbers at such a time when he is doing homestretch to enter the battle ring.

This was a big win for Odinga’s Azimio campaign squad, especially at such a time when they are now trying to rally the entire country behind Odinga’s ambition for the upcoming presidential election. However, the two top candidates have continued exchanging people where while another party loses, the other party gains and this happens concurrently after certain periods of time.

The biggest question is who is exactly going to have the biggest advantage during the final lap as it appears things have not stabilized as the ground remains shaky.

ANC leaders join Azimio

This is not the first time people are abandoning Mudavadi for Azimio. It’s something that started all the way from the time he declared his move to support DP Ruto and joined him immediately. We had his secretary general and his Deputy leaving him as they parted ways immediately.

This sends a message that in deed, Western region is not fully initiated into the Kenya Kwanza squad and DP Ruto might never obtain their votes easily the way he thinks.

The two frontrunners are believed to have made inroads for their political parties in many parts of the country Kenya making them more popular than other presidential candidates who are also warming up for the top seat. A lot is expected the more time moves as we get to see the reality of matters on ground.


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