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“Kura Zilipigwa Monday” Azimio Governor Delivers Bad News To Ruto’s Presidency

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Deputy President William Ruto and former prime minister Raila Odinga are politically tackling each other to marshal Mt Kenya region votes for August 9 contest.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui who is Azimio – One Kenya affiliate has chided that Raila’s decision to pick Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua was a schemed move to haunt Ruto’s support in Central region. According to Kinyanjui, Mt Kenya region with over 7 million voters had the highest undecided bloc pending the Monday declaration

“Any seasoned observer will tell you that this election was decided on Monday when the top coalitions named their running mates. Interestingly, the Mt Kenya region, with over 7 million votes, had the highest undecided block pending the Monday declaration” he said.

He stated that Karua’s candidature carried the hopes of Mt region, constituting votes from women, youths, churches that projects a perceived victory for Raila’s presidency.

“The choice of the respective running mates was the much awaited signal for the undecided Mt Kenya voters, who constitute the biggest chunk. That Martha Karua has carried the hopes and aspirations of the region is a no-brainer. From women, church and the youth, HOPE is leading” he added.

Kinyanjui added that the nation has been longing substitute politics of deceit and pettiness with hygienic political discourse. Dismissing Ruto’s bottom-up economic model, Kinyanjui alleged that the country is not interested in long debate emanating from a political side that allegedly brought the same country down.

“The nation has longed for a marthaly and hygienic political discourse devoid of drama and pettiness. She has ably captured the mood of a nation hungry for change. We are not interested in long economic debates by the same team that brought it down, only a just, clean, and efficient government that cares for its people” said Kinyanjui.

“In the event you come from the mountain region and share a different view, it is highly recommended that you check for amnesia, a condition associated with loss of memory of self, current and past events. Victims of this condition live in the present oblivious of who they are and any other critical event that has shaped them” he added.

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