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Kokani threatens To Take Sultana By Force As Aunty Sada Changes Her Plans On Major Jabali

by Mwende
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Today’s episode of Sultana will be one of a kind. It all begins with the irony that aunty Sada will attend Dida’s birthday party planned by Dida’s mom Bi. Fatima. As they always say, when the deal is too good, then think twice.

It is not like aunty Sada’s character to ever second anything that Major Jabali says. She must be up to something this time round. Major seems to have accepted what Sada says, and with their trust issues, he instructs their house manager Bi. Asiya to watch over Sada and figure out what she is up to.

JJ, who had disappeared from home in the previous episode, promises to come back home after her mom tirelessly sought for him. JJ is stressed out and thinks aloud about what he can do to ensure he has no strings attached to Dida. JJ is in deep problem.

Kokani, who is so much obsessed with Sultana, attacks JJ just before his mom calls him. JJ hits Kokani with a reality that seems to haunt him. Kokani angrily leaves and founds Kaka’s mom fetching water. This time, he seems to have a bone to chew with her.

Sultana continues

Kokani reminds Kaka’s mom of how she threw him from the hospital. Kokani adds that every time Sultana’s family throws him out, bad things happen. He gave her an example of how Bi. Salama and Sultana have disappeared, and no one knows their whereabouts. Kokani is trying to bring in here that he should be accepted as part and parcel of Sultana’s family because he plays a vital role in bringing the family together.

Let’s all wait and see what happens in the next episode. What do you think will follow next? Please let us know by leaving your opinion in the readers’ comments below. Follow this platform for more updates on trending and breaking stories in and outside Kenya.

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