Home News Agnes Kagure Wows Netizens With Educational Transformation And Pledge To Sponsor More Learners

Agnes Kagure Wows Netizens With Educational Transformation And Pledge To Sponsor More Learners

Kenyans online wowed after Hon. Agnes Kagure shared a throwback of her academic transformation, with her pledge on continuing to support education initiatives

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Hon Agnes Kagure, a prominent and outspoken Nairobi-bases politico has this afternoon proven her undying passion towards Education and the academic arena at large.

This is after she shared a collage TBT photo of herself during her early school days alongside one of her receiving a Doctorate Degree sometimes back, while reaffirming her resolve to support present-day learners access uninterrupted education which is  devoid of what (challenges) she went through during her time.

An undated photo of Agnes Kagure during her early schooling days

Through her Agnes Kagure Foundation, the politico once again vowed to continue with her empowerment programs aimed at ensuring that each and every Nairobian get access to quality education with an aim of making them (Nairobians) realize their potentials.

Agnes Kagure speaking to the media through her Facebook page, Kagure stated,

“There are many untold stories of difficulties behind such transformations, but the best way to tell them is to help present-day learners access education and have worthwhile learning experiences devoid of the challenges we went through.

“In my own capacity and through Agnes Kagure Foundation, I’ll continue to support learners to realize their potentials thru education, the greatest equalizer. It’s possible, we’ve done it, and we’ll continue to do it.”

The development has undoubtedly increased the trust and admiration Nairobians have for Kagure.

All the same, her foundation has been in the forefront of providing educational opportunities and support, reflecting her deep commitment to social development and equality.

Hon. Agnes Kagure during her doctorate graduation

Hon. Agnes Kagure during her doctorate graduation

Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that Agnes Kagure’s genuine academic achievements stand in stark contrast to some political figures who have faced accusations of falsifying their educational qualifications. This contrast makes Nairobians even more appreciative of Kagure’s transparency and integrity.

As she continues to position herself as a viable solution to Nairobi’s leadership challenges, her educational background adds to her credibility. Inspired by her story and efforts, many in Nairobi are looking to Kagure for the kind of leadership that promises real improvements for the city.

All the same, it is no longer in doubt that a section of Nairobians if not all feel they fumbled during 2022 general elections by agreeing to elect Mr. Dimples who has successfully failed to implement what he told them (Nairobians) in the run-up to the 2022 general election.

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