Home Analysis Youths And Mothers Upbeat As Ruto Leaks Grand Plans For Prosperity.

Youths And Mothers Upbeat As Ruto Leaks Grand Plans For Prosperity.

Ruto has made mama Mbogas the subject of his campaigns.

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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The hunt for the next president for the republic of Kenya is no longer a laughing matter. This happens as political battle continues getting tough the more we near August elections. Politicians are currently putting in their best leaving no stone unturned. Situation has become extremely tough and this has prompted politicians to sell powerful agendas to grab maximum votes.

This is exactly what DP Ruto has been doing now that he is known to be a political genius. He has been selling powerful agendas that have left many longing to see him in government.

As this happens, he has also delivered another bunch of good news to young people revealing what is in store for them Incase his government makes it.

First, he clearly indicated that more than half of his government will be going to young people and women. This means that the most vulnerable group in the society will be recognized. This was revealed by Munialo Rennah on K24 morning interview saying this;

” When we were unveiling our deputy president as Kenya Kwanza our party leader his excellency William Ruto mentioned very well that 50% of his government is going to go to youth and women, ” said Munialo Rennah.

Source Link:https://twitter.com/K24Tv/status/1527513519264043008?s=19

This is something that many people will be longing for now that in the previous government, young people were least considered. This time round, it’s going to be a battle of fixing the economy and bringing about equality to the people of Kenya. How we wish is people vote wisely in tbe forthcoming elections.

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