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Hype But Zero Development: Gov Wanga Badly Exposed By CoB Report

by Guest Editor
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Governor Gladys Wanga has been ranked among the governors with 0% development spending by the CoB report.

Wanga focuses on praising the opposition leader Raila Odinga rather than developing Homabay county.She knows this will be of political advantage to her so that she can continue oppressing people in her county.Homabay county should be a step ahead of the rest because people Praised her of being a good leader with a vision for her people.

Remember change takes time and effort, but by standing together and demanding better leadership is key as the people of Homabay county thought and ended up in a regime full of self centered leaders.

The rest of the budget went to salaries and other recurrent spending against the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act that says development spending should cover at least 35 percent of the total spending which is the total opposite in Homabay county.When Gladys Wanga does not prioritize the well being of the community and neglect her responsibilities it’s upto us to hold her accountable for squandering public funds and criticizing her government.

Roads in Homabay county are in poor states yet Gladys Wanga has not taken any action towards this issue affecting the citizens.This should have been her priority when she assumed office show casing her outstanding ability to govern.

Hospitals have been reported to be lacking essential equipments and drugs hindering efficient patient care and therefore putting the lives of patients at stake.Since she got into office no change has been recorded in the health sector.This has also caused an acute shortage of doctors in the county.

Describing the conditions under which doctors in the county worked as “deeply alarming”, Dr Atellah said the system of doctors’ promotion in the county requires urgent overhaul following discovery that it was marred by nepotism, and favouritism.

Promised job opportunities for the youths remain to be an unfulfilled promise. It’s disappointing when her promise is yet to be fulfilled leaving the Young people without the opportunites they were hoping for.

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