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Azimio Cracks Widen As The Sabina Chege Faction Quit The Coalition

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The Azimio coalition  cracks are getting wider after the Sabina Chege faction on wednesday announced that they have exited the Azimio Coalition and are now an independent party with no allegiance to any alliance.

This is after a comprehensive Statement following Jubilee party summit meeting which was held on wednesday which claimed that her faction is not part of Azimio coalition anymore.

During their end-of-year summit convened by the National Executive Committee (NEC) and its elected leaders in Nairobi, the faction claimed that the party has resolved to exit the opposition terming the relationship as an ‘abusive marriage’.

Acting party vice chairman Aden Keynan hinted that they will now start the process to reclaim the slots that they lost while in Azimio to other affiliate parties.

“In the Parliamentary practice, Jubilee is the third largest political party in Kenya with 28 MPs. There are constitutional slots pursuant to article 108, that this party was entitled to including the deputy minority leader position (National Assembly) which was given to a Wiper MP.

“There are close to 28 slots in leadership, critical committee meant for party minorities and Jubilee has none,” Keynan said.

He added: “We have lost seven of our slots to our Azimio partners and we will demand them. We pronouncing ourselves as completely out of that abusive marriage and we are now an independent political party. It has dawned on us that we are cohabiting with a deceitful, corrupt group made up of political entrepreneurs who manipulate individuals for their personal gains.”

”We see one man going round trying to project himself as the alfa and omega of the party. How many number of NEC members, MCAS or even official of the party are supporting what you are doing? He is hiding behind the former leadership of the party who exited the scene through the law,” Keynan said.

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