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DP Ruto Combines Uhuru, Raila And Destroys Them Together In Embu

Ruto has embarked on an offensive against the President for endorsing Raila as his preferred successor

by Williams
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Political tension has gradually continued building up in the country as fresh details emerge on daily basis. As this happens, politicians are busy trying their best to save themselves ahead of 2022. The ground has become extremely tough to some politicians like the Azimio La Umoja squad who are trying out their best but in vain. DP Ruto has been destroying them for anything they say ruining their image.

This is exactly what he is doing today in Embu county. He said that Azimio La Umoja is surviving on borrowed life and if anything, they will all end up nowhere because of the corruption in the party. DP Ruto seemed to be targeting Uhuru and Raila for the poor management of Azimio La Umoja.

He went ahead and revealed what Raila and Uhuru are doing killing the party.

” This country has been held hostage by politics of personality & people who are run by betrayal. Huko kwa kuzimia kama wanaweza kuwatapeli viongozi wenzao, basi watahangaisha Wakenya. Mutua alitoka, juzi wametapeli Kalonzo sasa naskia amerudi nyumbani kuchunga ng’ombe, ” said DP Ruto.

DP Ruto went ahead to bring down Uhuru Kenyatta for the failures the Kenyan government has made in the past few years. He told the people to face reality and avoid such leaders who even can’t manage their own party. He said that now that Raila and Uhuru can’t manage the Azimio La Umoja, what are they going to do to mere Kenyans who are struggling to make a living.

Source Link:https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya/status/1527549767059906563?s=19

DP Ruto exposed how corruption and selfishness is being used in tbe distribution of powers within the Azimio La Umoja squad. He went ahead and promised them the worst ahead saying that they will see no future with their evil plans.

Uhuru has been in bad moods with DP Ruto because of how he has continued ruining his image making people forget about what he has done to Kenya in the past 10 years.

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