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Hope In Azimio As Kalonzo Set To Swallow Pride And Return

Kalonzo to chew his pride and go back to Azimio as fresh details emerge

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There is new hope in Azimio as Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is set to make a much-anticipated return to the coalition.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation, Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe revealed additional details of another prominent job promised to Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka in Azimio, as Raila Odinga continues to court him back to the coalition.Raila Odinga will require Kalonzo Musyoka, according to David Murathe, to keep the Ukambani votes.

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However, the Jubilee Vice Chair stated that Kalonzo is free to do whatever he wants because Azimio is a willing parties alliance, and no party can be forced to stay, but must respect the law.

This tells it all that the only way Raila was going to reap big and make it Ukambani region is by pulling this powerful leader in the region. Sources have it that Incase Raila makes any blunder of losing Kalonzo, the 1.6 million will be gone and Raila will have to start forgetting about the top seat.


Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka

However, latest news from trusted sources have revealed that the confusion between Raila and Kalonzo is gone and now, they might end up joining hands on Monday as they embark on the Journey to send Raila to State House in peace after several ups and downs. As this happens, it is said that Kalonzo is away from Kenya since he took a flight to the United States where he will be returning to Kenya on Sunday and publicly declare his next move.

This is after the IEBC fellows slapped him with a surprise banning him from contesting for the top seat after he failed to provide all the needed requirements in order to be verified and get a walk over to the ballot paper. The fact that Kalonzo could not get required supporters in 24 counties tells it all that he would have failed terribly incase he he found a chance to enter the 2022 battle ring.

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