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Head of Public Service Felix Kosgey’s Daily Chopper Trips on Taxpayers’ Bill Exposed

Fresh details emerge on how Head of Public Service Dr. Felix Kosgey has been using a chopper to report to work in Nairobi from his Nandi home.

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The Head of Public Service Dr. Felix Kosgey is now a man under siege following the emergence of reports that the latter has been using a private chopper to report to his office on Nairobi all the way from his home in Nandi, all this at the expense of Taxpayers’ money.

According to the reports by a section of media houses and insiders from the govt, the seemingly untouchable man is said to have adopted the means and mode of transport owing to the fact that he is close to the powers that maybe and can’t be questioned.

Photo of Koskei Chopper

Photo of Kosgey Chopper

Photos of the chopper that is being used by Felix Koskei have been trending on Social media especially X for the better part of morning of July 4.

Nevertheless, the development comes amid the backdrop of nationwide anger by Kenyans who are wondering what is wrong with Pres William Ruto and his KK administration at large where those who are supposed to serve the people have been exhibiting alot of opulence, wastage of public resources among other social vices.

Not many hours ago, Dr. Felix, Koskei triggered Kenyans anger when he wrote to the Public Service Commision giving it a go ahead to appoint the 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries, despite the fact that Pres William Ruto during an exclusive interview with the media last weekend in Statehouse said no CASs will be appointed until the economy of Kenya stabilizes.

Edited photo of Koskei and chopper

Edited photo of Kosgey and chopper

All the same, it remains to be seen whether Pres William Ruto will manage to navigate via the current landmines where Kenyans appear to have mastered what his close allies such as Felix Koskei  Oscar Sudi the MP for Kapseret have been showing opulence at the expense of suffering Kenyans.

Last 2 weeks, Kenyans went to the streets protesting against the Finance Bill 2024 that contained poisonous tax proposals that saw Ruto totally reject the bill.

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