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Meet Bena Wa Malines Who’s Trending On TikTok; Secret Behind His Success

by Mwende
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Nowadays, you only need to do something funny and then boom! You’re in the headlines. Meet the Bena Wa Malines, the man trending on social media after his viral TikTok videos.

“Praia Maisha Utapeel Piti” is the slogan that Bena uses. He is one of the upcoming Kenyan celebrities whose TikTok videos hit up to 1 million views in less than a week.


Bena wa Malines

Bena Wa Malines creates unique content that has made his fans love him. Bena’sBena’s content is based on his accent, and he is now earning big by posting funny videos on his TikTok account.

During an interview with TV 47, Bena said that he has a group of individuals who helps him ensure that his content is well created and that everything is successful. This includes the camera crew, promoters, and the manager.

The viral Tiktoker

Bena Wa Malines advised his fans and everyone that for them to be able to create content, they must have the content, both visual and video materials, to ensure that the production is booming. When asked about the greatest secret of content creation, Bena said it is the content itself. He added that your content must b unique and captivating.

Let us all support Bena wa Malines by following him on his official social media platforms as benawamalines.

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