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“Bahati Prayed For Me To Have Children, He Is A Prophet” Size 8 Says

by Mbugua
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In an interview with pastor Size 8 at Oga Obina Show, she said that before Bahati backslid in the salvation journey, He was a prayer warrior and a prophet of God who prayed for things to happen, and they did.

Size 8 said that Bahati, many years back, could not conceive because of some health complications, but Bahati prayed for her without ceasing, and after his prayers, she conceived, and she got healed up to date.

Size 8 said that when Bahati was still singing gospel songs, he could pray for about 6 to 8 hours, and that is where his favour and breakthrough in the music industry and life as whole came from.

She said she would never support Bahati’s music because secular music was not his calling. She said she would support Bahati the day he returns to the gospel industry.

“Bahati prayed for me to have children; by then, I had health complications, and I could not conceive, but through Bahati’s prayers, I conceived. Bahati was a prophet who could pray, and miracles could happen, but now he backslid,” she said.


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