Home Politics “Wewe Kijana Wacha Kunijibu, Unanijibu Kama Nani?” Angry Ruto Almost Ejects A Hustler From Kenya Kwanza Rally

“Wewe Kijana Wacha Kunijibu, Unanijibu Kama Nani?” Angry Ruto Almost Ejects A Hustler From Kenya Kwanza Rally

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Deputy President William Ruto was today, Wednesday, angered by a rowdy hustler during the Kenya Kwanza rally in Kakamega, Western region.

While flanked by a host of Western region legislators allied to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, the angry William Ruto was forced to attack a hustler who attempted to run the rally into ransom by taking Ruto head-on in exchange for bitter words.

“Wewe kijana wacha kunijibu, unanijibu kama nani, utatoka kwa hii mkutano kama nia yako ni kuharibu mkutano wangu”

Which loosely translates to “Don’t answer me, you will be ejected from this rally if your intention is to run my meeting into ransom” said Ruto.


William Ruto campaigning

Ruto is in the Western region on a three-day charm offensive tour to woo the electorates to vote for him in the forthcoming election.

Ruto and Raila are trailing across the country in what is perceived to be do-or-die politics, rallying voters to adopt their respective bids.

This comes at a time when Infotrak findings indicated that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party boss Raila Odinga is the most preferred candidate with 43 percent, which translates to 9.4 million votes.

Deputy President William Ruto commands 37 percent which reflects 8.1 million votes. According to the research by Infotrak, Raila has gained 100,000 votes as compared to June, where he wielded 9.3 million votes.

Ruto on the other hand lost 300,000 votes as he had 8.4 million votes in June.

“We have Raila with 43 percent which generally translates to 9.4 million votes, he was at 9.3 percent at the end of June. Ruto is at 37 percent which translates to 8.1 percent based on the current number of registered voters. He has lost about 300,000 votes because at the end of June he had 8.4 million votes,” Infotrak Chief Executive Officer Angela Ambitho said.

The Roots party candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah garnered 4 percent while the Agano Party’s David Waihiga Mwaure enjoyed 0.1 percent.

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