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Wueh! Drama Erupts As Amber Ray Receives Threats From Jimal’s Ex-Wife

Amira threatened to fight Amber Ray if she came closer to any of her kids

by Jayden Musembi
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Popular Kenyan socialite and Jimal’s estranged wife known as Amira has bashed Amber Ray for trying to take pictures with her son. Amira threatened to take physical action on Amber Ray if she dared com closer to her son again.

Amira stated that when she was away for the weekend, Amber Ray kept on calling Amira’s son to take a photo with him. Amira argued that her son Shamir reported to her about the incident when she got home.

Amira threatened that if she dared get closer to her kids anymore, she would fight her. Taking to her Instagram page, Amira wrote,

“Can someone tell Amber Ray next time she comes to Yamin to keep her boundaries. When I was away for the weekend she kept calling my son Shamir who was playing in the estate to come take a picture with her.”

She added,

“he told me about it this when I got home. Listen, don’t mess with my kids. Nilikuachia Jimal lakini, when it comes to my kids, I’ll go off on you. Tutaona damu. Period. But where do we draw the line guys?”

Do you think Amira reacted correctly after the incident? What do you think? This is not the first time Amber Ray and Amira are crossing. They have been on this many times, especially when Jimal married Amber Ray as his second wife. The move angered Amira, who was legally married to Jimal as his first wife before the she divorced him.

As things stand now, both Jimal and Amber Ray broke up with the Nairobi business tycoon, with speculations stating that he has moved on with another woman. Well, what are your thoughts on this story ladies and gentlemen? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read this amazing article. Find more articles here.

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