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Viral Video Exposes Sexual Misconduct at Quiver Kitengela Bar

Quiver Lounge's Kitengela branch is now in the spotlight following allegations that top bosses have been sexually harassing waitresses working in the facility.

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Quiver Lounge Bar in Kitengela has been marred with allegations of sexual harrassment and exploitation where top bosses are out in a mission to frustrate women working in the facility.

According to a viral video clip shared by Twitter user Bevalyn Kwaboka, waitresses at the bar have been coerced into having sexual relations with their managers in exchange for job security. Disturbingly, these same managers have later terminated their employment unceremoniously.

The video features Karen, who claims that top bosses within the establishment have turned it into a “sex den,” preying on vulnerable young women desperate to make ends meet.

A photo of Quiver Lounge

A photo of Quiver Lounge

In the video, Karen alleges that her friend was promised a promotion to the position of accountant after engaging in a sexual relationship with one of the managers. However, once the encounter took place, she was abruptly fired without any explanation.

The management of Quiver Kitengela has yet to respond to these allegations. As public outrage grows, authorities are expected to take swift action to ensure justice for the victims and prevent further exploitation.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds. We will continue to investigate and report on any developments regarding this disturbing situation at Quiver Kitengela Bar.

“This behavior of managers taking advantage of young women trying to make ends meet must be stopped immediately.

“Quiver Lodge Kitengela, I’m addressing you. Are you aware that your managers in the facility have turned it into a sex den? It is high time you wake up too…. Sometimes when you ask what goes through your mind when you harass a sister, a girl, or even a mother so that you can give them a job, think about if she was your family member,” Karen painfully said in the video clip that has gone viral.

On their part, Kenyans on X have come out in large numbers to call out the facility over sexual harassment allegations. They urge the DCI and other criminal justice systems to closely examine all entertainment venues across the nation. Some claim that the issue of harassment has been persistent and must be stopped.

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