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‘We’re Coming For You’ US Embassy Notified of Looming Deadly Protests Over Visa Application Fiasco

Kenyans threaten to protest against the Visa application fiasco where Kenyans don't get refund of their money incase the application doesn't go through

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Kenya could be on the verge of another wave of chaotic demonstrations, just hours after Nairobi’s CBD witnessed a tumultuous confrontation between anti-riot police officers and angry protesters. The protesters had threatened to occupy the National Assembly during a heated debate on the Finance Bill 2024, which includes controversial tax proposals.

Using his account handle, a Kenyan going by the name Nanyuki Billionaire angrily responded to a post made by a local media station. The United States of America, through a statement issued via its Embassy in Kenya, issued a safety alert to its citizens living in Kenya, urging them to exercise caution during the ongoing anti-Finance Bill demonstrations.

US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman

US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman

In the statement, Ambassador Meg Whitman advised Americans in Kenya to avoid travel or shopping in areas with a high risk of unrest, as anti-riot police officers engaged in clashes to prevent Kenyans from accessing Parliament buildings during the heated debate.

“After we’re done with the Finance Bill, we will likely want a discussion about refunds for failed visa applications. Can’t be profiting off wasting people’s time. We’ll bring the protests to you, don’t worry, just wait your turn,” Nanyuki Billionaire wrote on his account.

According to the user, the issue of Kenyans losing money after failed visa applications needs to be addressed, noting that thousands, if not millions, have been suffering in silence.

At the time of going to press, no official from the US Embassy had responded to the threat of Kenyans demonstrating outside their offices in Nairobi over alleged visa application issues.

Regarding the Anti-Finance Bill protests that took place today, the law society of Kenya President Faith Odhiambo has warned all police officers who were captured molesting and manhandling Kenyans adding that the right to protest and picket is in the CoK.

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