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Uhuru Warns Men Against Wasting Money On ‘Mpango wa Kandos’

President Uhuru spoke at a land titles issuance event at KICC, Nairobi

by Isaac Odhiambo Snr
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Willis Otieno

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged men not to fall prey to the temptation of wasting all their money on secret lovers. Speaking during a national title deeds issuance at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on Wednesday, the president offered wise counsel to men who get carried away and use title deeds to get loans to spoil secret lovers while abandoning their families.

“The problem with title deed is one when a husband gets it he sees it as a personal property and he forgets he has a family… when he receives money from the bank and walks in the streets, he meets another woman there. He then forgets the one he left home, spends all the money alone leaving the family and children in poverty,” President Uhuru opined.

The Head of State urged men to change their ways and always put their family first for the sake of setting a secure foundation for the future generation and not waste their precious resources in the pursuit of temporary pleasures.

“This title deed is for you and your family. You need to guard it so that your family can remember you in future. Let’s treat this as a valuable document please,” he said.

Previously, President Uhuru signed into law, a bill that barred secret lovers better known as mpango wa kandos from accessing their partner’s wealth in cases of sudden demise.

His bold move was lauded by men who have for long been victims of ‘surprises’ where claims of extra-families would rock them, or in their absence, would leave their families in court battles over inheritances and societal ridicule.


President Uhuru at the land titles issuance event at KICC

President Kenyatta made the remarks while kicking off the latest phase of the national title deeds issuance program that will see the immediate issuance of one million title deeds to landowners across the country.  He directed the Cabinet Secretaries for Lands and Interior to come up with a program that will involve other Cabinet Secretaries in the issuance of the balance of the ready title deeds to expeditiously execute the exercise.

“Today, we are launching and flagging off the issuance of 1 million out of 6 million title deeds that are ready across the registries in the various counties. The program should be executed expeditiously such that before sunset on the Eighth of July, 2022 the balance of the one million title deeds will have been conveyed to their holders,” President Kenyatta directed.

At the same time, the President highlighted several achievements under the reforms in the land sector, noting that the National Titling program, which his administration introduced in 2013, has helped in processing and issuing title deeds to many citizens.

“As part of this program, we established the National Titling Centre, the Rapid Titling Initiative, Land Clinics and formed links with both land buying companies and County Governments.  These progressive measures were buttressed by enhanced recruitment of technical staff and the deployment of other critical resources including motor vehicles and survey equipment,” he said.

The land issuance event follows a related event at State House Nairobi where the President launched the Joint National Resource Mapping projects that have digitized and linked all land management systems in the country.

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