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Agnes Kagure Leads PCEA Utawala Church In Raising Funds For Church Project

Hon. Agnes Kagure showcased her commitment to community engagement this evening by participating in a fundraising event at Utawala Church, where funds for the Women's Guild project were raised.

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Nairobi-based businesswoman Hon. Agnes Kagure on Sunday, June 2 took the lead in spearheading a fundraising event at PCEA Utawala (Nairobi) Church to support a significant church project.

The event, organized by the Woman’s Guild of the church, gathered faithful and community leaders, including representatives from Hon. Tim Wanyonyi’s office and grassroots leaders under the Agnes Kagure Foundation.

,Moreover, Hon. Kagure expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to worship and collaborate with the Woman’s Guild, highlighting their admirable commitment to the church’s development over the years. Together with her supporters, they successfully raised funds to aid in completing the church’s ongoing building projects.

PCEA women worshipping

PCEA women singing during a past service service attended by Hon. Agnes Kagure

In a statement shared on Facebook, Hon. Kagure underscored the importance of supporting God’s work, particularly through women-led initiatives. She expressed confidence in the success of the projects undertaken by the Woman’s Guild and pledged her continuous support for such endeavors.

The fundraising event at PCEA Utawala Church is a testament to Hon. Kagure’s dedication to serving her community and advancing causes that promote societal development and spiritual growth. Her continued efforts exemplify a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those she serves.

All the same, Hon. Agnes Kagure, Mambo Mseto understands that, has been at the forefront of advocating for the interests of Nairobians especially those who hail from humble backgrounds.Agnes Kagure after attending church service

Through her Agnes Kagure foundation, the tycoon has successfully proven that she is a pro-people leader who is always on a mission to better the lives of Nairobi residents.

“I was privileged to join and worship with other faithful at PCEA Utawala Church on the invitation of the Woman’s Guild who have remained a group to be admired over the years.

“With friends, including Hon. Tim Wanyonyi’s representative and grassroots leaders under Agnes Kagure Foundation, we successfully raised funds to support the Woman’s Guild project to complete the church’s building works.
“God does marvelous work through women, and I’m confident that this and more projects being spearheaded by the Woman’s Guild and others will be a success, and I’m happy to have been God’s instrument of support in His work today.
Let us all seek first God’s kingdom by supporting His projects and living in righteousness, all the rest will be given unto us🙏,” Agnes Kagure wrote on Facebook

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