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Thugs Break into Home of Head of Ruto’s Campaign Data, Steal Bedsheets, Laptops, TV

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The home of the head of  Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign data was allegedly stormed by thugs and walked away with several office items.

According to the reports by Ruto’s top blogger Dennis Itumbi the armed men reportedly sent by deep state took several laptops, a TV set, home theater system, a flash disk wall clock and bedsheets. He said the motive by the aforesaid thugs to invade Ruto’s home is yet to be established.

“Deep State Desperation invades the Nairobi Home of the Head of Data for the William Ruto Campaigns. Takes away laptops, A TV, A Music System, A Wall Clock, flash disks, bedsheets, and some travel bags” said Itumbi.

He informed that the unknown thugs landed with a black voxy and three men who allegedly got into the house made several phone calls, possibly getting orders from above

“Deep State landed with a Black Voxy, The Three men who got into the house made several calls from inside the house to get instructions on what to do. We have told Deep State enough times that we long moved from physical equipment” he added.

Itumbi claimed that the hustler nation had prior information about the robbers’ plot to invade the office and therefore the items they took had no details on Ruto’s campaign strategy.

“A message – We knew you would take this computer, this is all that is here. On the Flash disk two photos, one branded Freedom is Coming and the Other of our next First Lady” he stated.

This interesting development comes at the back drop of increased political temperatures around the country as leaders fight to clinch different political positions.

Ruto has been pointing fingers on the current leadership of trying to use all they can to make sure that he doesn’t clinch Power.

Nonetheless, the unmoved Dp Ruto has gone further to sustain constant attacks at president Uhuru kenyatta of accusing him of attempting to manipulate the forth coming elections in favor of Raila Odinga.

Ruto's Karen Home

Ruto addressing press

Yesterday, deputy president William Ruto’s team wrote a letter to the IEBC and the ICC asking them to investigate claims on how voters bribery was going to take place reportedly by NIS officials.

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