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Ruto Ally Exposes Forces Pushing For Legalization Of LGBTQ

by KDB
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Mavoko Member of Parliament Patrick Makau has attempted to explain how the recent Supreme Court ruling about the LGBTQ society has come to be.

This is after the court ruled that the group has the right to form and register as a society, which has been translated by many as legalising it’s operations.

Makau claims that the decision has everything to do with President William Ruto and some foreign powers out to force the homosexuality vices on Kenyans.

He has claimed that the west is the main architect if what’s happening and has made the passage of the same a condition before giving loans to Ruto’s government.

“Mr Speaker, I agree with speakers here who were saying we should not just be made slaves because we need funding from the West. Mr Speaker this thing of us being told before we are given money from IMF, from World Bank we must admit, we must accept these laws, this is strange to us,” the lawmaker said in parliament yesterday.

The MP has claimed that the same people who forced Ruto to adopt Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods are again at work and are succeeding.

But he has warned that things might get worse if such is allowed to continue, cautioning that even outlawed and violent groups might soon succeed in being incorporated into the law.

“Mr Speaker then, we should have the Mungiki, we should have the al-Shabaab, we should have rapists, we should have murderers allowed then by the same Supreme Court to form alliances,” he warned.

He has demanded that Ruto speaks on the matter and makes his stand known, at a time when Kenyans are continuing to declare their disgust in the ruling.

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