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Raila: I Am Not Sad Or Shaken, Supreme Court Will Declare Me President

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has explained why he remains normal despite being allegedly rigged out in the concluded presidential election.

Raila has rejected the poll result, which shows that he lost to Deputy President William Ruto, terming the outcome doctored and not, therefore, the actual one.

He has now explained why he doesn’t look sad or shaken despite the declaration of Ruto as the winner, saying that this is because nothing has happened.

Raila says that he is sure that the election result will be quashed by the Supreme Court judges at the end of it, hence his calmness.


Azimio One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga

The Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate adds that justice will ultimately be dispensed, suggesting that his allegedly stolen win will be given back.

Speaking in Mombasa, he told his supporters to be patient and await the court’s ruling, alleging that Ruto had been planning the whole thing for a long time.

“Can’t you see that I am not sad or shaken by anything. I know eventually the truth shall be known. Martha Karua and I have seen a lot of injustice. We are dealing with very corrupt opponents who had planned to rig a long time ago. The truth shall set the Kenyan nation free. Please be patient,” the leader said as is quoted by The Daily Nation.

Raila’s petition is strengthened by the fact that four IEBC commissioners, led by Vice Chair Juliana Cherera, have confirmed that the election was indeed not fairly held and Ruto’s win is controversial.

The team even skipped the event where Ruto was declared winner, instead holding a presser in a different location to lament of alleged opaqueness regarding how the votes were tallied.

The four are Cherera, Irene Masit, Justus Nyangaya and Francis Wanderi.

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