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DP Ruto Chases Away Media Houses From His Nakuru Meeting Upon Sensing Trouble In The Room

DP Ruto tells media houses to leave his Nakuru meeting for safety reasons

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At the Kenya Kwanza’s Nakuru gathering in Njoro Town today, Deputy President William Ruto interrupted his address and escorted the media workers from various media houses who were covering his speech.

When the rare incidence occurred, Ruto was explaining to the audience why he decided not to run for president in 2013. He told the gathering that he intended to run in 2013, but surveys suggested that if he went all the way to the election, he would come in third (after Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta). Some of his advisers advised him to run so that he might force a re-run in 2013, but he decided to support President Uhuru Kenyatta instead.

Watu waliniambia nikiwa namba three ni mzuri ju hakuna mwenye angepata 50+1%…, So I would have the bargaining power to get what I want,” Ruto said.

People assured him that if he moved up to number three, he’d be better off because no one would get 50+1 percent. Ruto said he made his decision after noticing that his people in the Rift Valley are the ones who suffer the most from post-election violence.

Lakini niliangalia shida ya 2007, na watu wangu wa Bonde la Ufa ndio wanapata shida saidi ya kisiasa. Nikaona niketi chini na Uhuru…, ” Ruto added.


Before cutting short his speech and charging at the media team, Ruto said that his people from the Rift Valley are the ones that suffer the most from politics, according to a study he conducted in 2007. As a result, he chose to speak with Uhuru for there sake.


These media houses. Why do we have these media here? Nani aliwaita? Tokeni hapa..Mimi sitaki hawa watu wa media. Hawa watu wako na propaganda mingi sana, ” said DP Ruto.

It is at this moment is when things went south as DP Ruto felt like the media houses were spying on him during his private meetings.

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