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PS Kibicho Says Ruto Can’t Speak Authoritatively For Government

The Interior PS was speaking at Citizen TV, hosted by Waihiga Mwaura

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Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho has dismissed and straightforwardly cast aside DP William Ruto as a man without moral authority to conclusively speak over government matters and alleged government plots. The powerful PS was speaking at Citizen TV, at an evening show hosted by Waihiga Mwaura.

According to Dr. Kibcho, the Deputy President abandoned the government long ago and is not in touch with the projects being undertaken by the government and those that have already been completed. Without such basic knowledge of obvious government functions and plans, PS Kibicho wondered how Ruto would purport to know secret and confidential government plans, in case there were any.


PS Kibicho at Citizen TV studios on May 31

The show’s host, Waihiga, had asked PS Kibicho if there was a possibility that owing to the fact that DP Ruto is the country’s second in command, he could be speaking from a point of knowledge that indeed, there are plots and schemes in motion to interfere with the forthcoming general election.

In response, Dr. Kibicho gave damaging examples to show just how detached from government DP Ruto is, and cited examples where the Deputy President had given campaign rally promises over things that had already been accomplished by the government.

While on his campaign trails, he keeps telling people that he will revive the Kenya Meat Commision, KMC. What he doesn’t know is that KMC is already revived and farmers are enjoying the fruits of that good work. The other day, he also told farmers that he would reduce the price of fertilizers without knowing that the price was already reduced…

PS kibicho responded to Waihiga, making his point that Ruto is detached from the government and cannot authoritatively speak over alleged government plots.

While at the same show, Kibicho came to the defense of ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru who has come under criticism by Ruto’s supporters over his statement that Raila would win the election in the first round. The PS affirmatively revealed that according to confidential data, Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga currently leads in the presidential race with a 60% rating, ahead of his main competitor, William Ruto.

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