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DP Ruto Hints At What He Will Do If Azimio Squad Attempts To Rig Votes

William Ruto reveals his plans should Raila and his men if they try to steal his victory

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Do you think there is a chance one of the leading presidential contenders could rig this year’s general election?

The closer we draw to the August elections, various politicians are putting in more effort, as well as sealing loopholes that opponents might use to rig the elections, and putting everything in order before everything gets out of hand.

rig Raila

President Uhuru and his supposed preferred successor Raila Odinga

Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate William Ruto is among the few politicians who are not sparing any single minute after learning that they are left with less than 3 weeks to go. Ruto is leaving nothing to chance in his State House quest.

Keen to reach residents of his target vote-areas, he has had another great opportunity to speak to the people of Narok county where he took his campaigns accompanied by several leaders within his Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

There was a lot of excitement around the place as people cheered him for going to see them after quite a long time. He was warmly welcomed in cheers and excitement by the people of Narok who really enjoyed his presence after having missed him for long.

Ruto rig

William Ruto

The second in command posed a rhetoric question asking the people of Narok if he looks like a man who’s votes can be walked away with by a stranger saying this can never happen to him.

He said that nobody is going to go away with even a single vote from him and added that if Azimio La Umoja makes any blunder by  rigging his votes, he would deal with them accordingly. Ruto promised the people of Narok not to panic in any way since he has confidence and what is going viral is meant to scare his supporters.

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The Presidential contender noted that the people should learn to do away with leaders who want to get into government by force using illegal tactics so to that they start running away with people’s property.

While he was making these statements, the people cheered him as he said that incase any rigging happens, he will not spare anyone since he will take the necessary measures to ensure such people reap what they saw and not using shortcuts.

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