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Governor Sakaja’s administration Questioned

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Governor Johnson Sakaja’s leadership under sharp criticism from Hon Babu Owino over corruption allegations. Embakasi East member of Parliament,Babu Owino is recently a number one critic of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja administration.

According to Dr Babu Owino, Sakaja has failed to implement any development project in the city as he is only keen in using money allocated for his selfish interests.

Governor Johnson Sakaja is said to have used over KSH 176 Million for domestic travels according to a report from the controller of budget released recently, Something that Babu Owino says is unreasonable and must be investigated by relevant authorities

“The governor of Nairobi has used KSH 176 million to travel within the city when he lives there.This calls for more and Nairobi residents must oppose the careless spending of their money”The vocal Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino said in a statement.He said that he finds it hard believe that one person can use 176 million shillings on domestic travels.He termed that as abuse of office and refered the county government of Nairobi as the place where corruption thrives and entertained.

Further, Hon Babu Owino pointed out how out how Governor Johnson Sakaja has gathered the taxpayers money in buying houses in Singapore and other overseas countries depriving Nairobi of the development it deserves.

“Nothing more is being done to bring development in Nairobi.This is a Governor who is only interested in throwing parties and buying alcohol for his inner circle.Right now he is on record for buying houses abroad and the source of the money is questionable” the Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino added.

The Embakasi East legislator has urged Nairobi residents to fiercely appose Governor Sakaja’s administration that is determined to loot the great Nairobi city to death. He claimed that they should put Sakaja in track so that he can account for any single shilling spent on development.

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