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Sankok Back To Politics After Son’s Burial, Throws Political Blows

Sankok features in DP Ruto's campaign rally after his son's burial

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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The whole country is looking forward to the next major elections with just a few days left down the line. DP Ruto and his squad have been trying their best despite their downfalls to ensure they don’t leave any stone unturned. This is exactly what Sankok is doing despite what befell him the other day when he lost his son.


Nominated Mp David Sankok and other Rut-allied leaders

Sankok hasn’t appeared at any political rally in a long period of time since his son’s death which humbled him so badly. The tragic tragedy took Sankok by surprise, leading to an unusual silence over this period to recover from the pains. He today did have the opportunity to speak to the people of Narok and he persisted on what DP Ruto informed Raila concerning the Mau Mau tragedy.

Sankok stated that the Mau Mau incident is a thing of the past and that Raila should refrain from discussing it, calling it useless history. The Mp claims that their land was taken from them and that individuals are living on it with forged title deeds.

He added that it is past time for them to concentrate on how they will improve the welfare of people who are struggling for a living following the prevailing confusion that is making some people sleep on empty stomachs.


MP David Sankok

Sankok destroyed Raila saying that he is one man who pulls out for campaigns without an agenda. While people are busy thinking of how the ordinary Kenyan is going to be saved from the inflation that is prevailing in the government, some people are coming to preach history.

Sankok said that the people of Narok are really struggling after people with high ranks in the government came for their lands and up to now, some have been left with nowhere to settle. The rally was quite memorable because of how Narok People Behaved.

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