Home News Pres Ruto Gets Blessings to Send Over 1000 Police Officers to Troubled Haiti

Pres Ruto Gets Blessings to Send Over 1000 Police Officers to Troubled Haiti

President Biden Directs Release of Ksh7 Billion Funds for Kenya's Haiti-Led Mission

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United States President Joe Biden has authorized the release of Ksh7 billion ($60 million) for Kenya’s deployment of 1000 police officers to support Haiti in its tumultuous times. This decision follows Haiti’s announcement of a new presidential transitional council, signaling a significant step towards stability in the war-torn nation.

The allocated funds are designated for acquiring military equipment and facilitating training for the Kenyan police officers slated to participate in the multinational mission. Matthew Miller, the US Spokesperson for the State Department, confirmed the decision, emphasizing America’s commitment to bolstering the Haitian security forces in their efforts to defend their country.

Pres Ruto praying during a  church service

Pres Ruto praying during a church service

Despite the release of funds, the total falls short of the initially promised amount of Ksh39 billion ($300 million) necessary for the entire project. Challenges persist in raising funds through the United Nations and the United States’ trust fund, with only $10.8 million collected thus far despite pledges from multiple nations.

The process faced hurdles in the US Congress, where concerns were raised regarding the mission’s details and whether Kenyan courts would permit the deployment. However, with President Biden’s directive and the formal establishment of Haiti’s Presidential Transitional Council, momentum is building towards international intervention in Haiti’s crisis.

Pres Ruto gestures as he chats with ACK's Bishop Ole Sapit

Pres Ruto gestures as he chats with ACK’s Bishop Ole Sapit

President William Ruto of Kenya welcomed the formation of Haiti’s Presidential Transitional Council, emphasizing the importance of collective action in restoring peace to the troubled nation. Ruto expressed confidence in the new political leadership’s ability to navigate Haiti through its crisis, restore security, and facilitate a smooth political transition.

“We look forward to the PTC moving with speed to appoint the Prime Minister and Cabinet,” stated President Ruto, highlighting Kenya’s support for Haiti’s journey towards stability. The deployment of Kenyan police officers signifies a tangible commitment to international peacekeeping efforts and solidarity with Haiti’s aspirations for a violence-free future.

As Haiti navigates its path towards stability, international support, including Kenya’s participation, will play a crucial role in rebuilding the nation and ensuring a prosperous future for its people.

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