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Agriculture CS Munya Asks Kenyans To Try Other Foods During Maize Shortage

The CS advised Kenyans while on Agriculture tour in Nakuru

by Jayden Musembi
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Agriculture CS Peter Munya has advised Kenyans to pursue other food products as the government seeks to look for an alternative in fighting the current maize crisis.

Speaking during his visit to Nakuru Agricultural Show, Munya stated that Kenyans should also consider consuming other food products for the sake of their health. He also stated that the country is looking for alternatives to ensure that the maize flour cost goes down.

This comes days after the Agriculture CS stated that the government had removed all levies on imported maize, a move meant to look for a way in which the maize costs would go down. Currently, a 2kg packet of maize flour is trailing at sh.208 from the former sh.210.

Kenya facing food crisis

This has been reported to be one of the major food crises in Kenya’s history, with Kenyans concerned with why the food prices keep on rising. Munya also stated that the government is trying to look for imported maize from various surrounding countries.

He disclosed that Kenya has managed to get a source of cheaper maize, and it’s only a matter of time before the prices go way lower than the current prices. Currently, all basic commodities in the country have been hiked, and Kenyans will continue to purchase these essential products at higher prices before the economy recovers.

However, the CS avoided the questions where he was requested to commend on how the government will support farmers to ensure that fertilizer prices go down in the near future. Farmers have had to buy fertilizers past the sh5,000 mark, the highest figure in Kenya’s history.

This disaster forced many farmers to farm lesser acreage as compared to previous years. Even after the government promised to provide fertilizer subsidies, farmers didn’t get enough. What are your thoughts on this story? Also read. Find more articles here.

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