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“Ruto Atapora Kila Kitu Akiwa Rais” Peter Munya Hits Hard At Ruto’s Candidature

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has unearthed scathing and damning accusations at Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly grabbing Laikipia Ranch and other government properties.

Speaking during Azimio – One Kenya campaigns in Mt Kenya region, Munya dismissed Ruto’s economic empowerment model, terming it as a jostling plan to dub gullible electorates to achieve political mileage ahead of August contest.

“He (Ruto) comes here to preach inexistent narrative of bottom-up just to hoodwink our people into voting for him. He has grabbed Laikipia Ranch that used to serve our people and that is the person you want to trust with presidency. Huyo jamaa si atapora Kila kitu akiwa Rais!” Said Munya while drumming support for Raila and Karua’s candidature.

Munya thumbed Raila and Karua for fighting for the country’s liberation in achieving the multi-party state. He noted that Azimio – One Kenya presidential pact consists of individuals who are tender-hearted and have brainstormed to liberate the country from the chunks of imperialism.

“We all know what engineer Raila Odinga and lawyer Martha Karua fought for in this country. These are the people who dedicated their lives to install the multi-party state. There histories speaks for themselves” he added

While accusing DP Ruto’s allies of graft cases, Munya hinted that almost everyone in Kenya Kwanza has been linked or faced to graft charges in quenching from public coffers.

“Our opponents in the other faction (Kenya Kwanza) have been arraigned in courts over graft charges” he said.

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