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Moses Kuria Urges Ruto To Slap Uhuru Next Time Instead Of Threatening Him

Moses Kuria speaks about the moment Ruto almost slapped Uhuru Kenyatta

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Amid the heated discussions about how President Uhuru Kenyatta was nearly slapped by Deputy President William Ruto when the two met at the State House in 2017, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has surfaced with an alleged Nigerian proverb that talks about slapping rather than just threatening.

Hon. Moses Kuria made a statement on his official Facebook page in response to a claim made in an audio recording attributed to William Ruto, the second-in-command of the Republic of Kenya, having nearly smacked President Uhuru Kenyatta. In Nigeria, there is a proverb that instructs people to slap rather than just threaten according to Moses Kuria.

Next time don’t threaten to slap, Do it. Nigerian Proverb,” Kuria said.

Moses Kuria

It is said that after the Supreme Court overturned the Jubilee Party’s 2017 victory, DP Ruto went to the State House to scheme for the future.

He was upset when President Uhuru indicated that he was unwilling to run in the repeat elections. When the President indicated he was considering returning to his village, DP Ruto said he would have smacked the man if it weren’t for his respect for the President.

This is something that has raised several concerns from different people who are using it to threaten Uhuru and expose DP Ruto badly at the same time. The ground is gradually getting tough on some politicians who are doing everything possible to save themselves ahead of the 2022 race.

Meanwhile, it’s the hope of many that everything will be cool and back to normal by the time we head for the coming elections which are full of controversy.

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