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Aisha Jumwa Beats Raila’s Man In Kilifi Gubernatorial Race Polls

Aisha Jumwa leads with 67% of total opinion vote count as Raila's candidate stagers in second position

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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The most recent online polls on Twitter performed by KTN News to determine which of the four candidates running for governor of Kilifi County is more likely to win the August elections has literally sent jitters to the Jubilee camp. The Kilifi gubernatorial race will be fiercely contested by; Aisha Jumwa of the United Democratic Alliance party, Gideon Mungaro of ODM and George Kithi of PAA, which is led by the current Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

According to the poll results shown below, Aisha Jumwa, the UDA candidate is in the lead with 67.1 percent of the total vote. In this position, she is having a popularity score of about 29.2 percent. Gideon Mungaaro, a member of Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement Party, came second as  Alphonse Mbaru is in the fourth position with 1.3 percent in the survey, while George Kithi is in third with 2.4 percent.


This is a huge improvement for Jumwa who in may 13 only had 35.2 percent in another survey done by Mizani.

More women leaders than ever before have entered the fray, demonstrating that women today are braver and more determined than before. One such place is Kilifi county, where a female governor candidate is challenging her male opponents.

Aisha Jumwa, a UDA candidate, is one of the contenders, and if a KTN online poll is to be believed, she has a promising future.

A lot is expected in the coming August polls where more women will be expected to contest for the top seats in the government. This is a journey which was actually started by Uhuru’s government to empower the female gender and make them feel part of the society. DP Ruto’s camp happens to have reaped most of the vocal female contenders.

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