Home Politics “Kila Saa Ng’we Ng’we na Mdomo Mingi” Uhuru Takes a Swipe at Ruto

“Kila Saa Ng’we Ng’we na Mdomo Mingi” Uhuru Takes a Swipe at Ruto

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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President Uhuru Kenyatta has again taken a tackle at his principal assistant, William Ruto, for allegedly abdicating office duties to rigorously vouch for his 2022 presidential bid.

Speaking on Saturday, 2nd July, during Ushirika Day Celebrations at KICC, Uhuru accused DP Ruto of abandoning his duties to concentrate on the marketing and popularizing his 2022 presidential bid.

Without mentioning the name, Uhuru lashed at his deputy for promising to work for Kenyans if elected president, when he has been serving in the capacity of the second in command, a position he ought to have obliged to seek solutions for the bottlenecking challenges facing millions of Kenyans.

“Mimi nasikitika kuona watu wengine wakilia ng’we ng’we ng’we, mtu amepeea Kazi na badala ya kufanya kazi, ni mdomo ati tutafanya Kazi, watu waache upuzi” Uhuru said.

Uhuru also lamented that Kenya Kwanza principals are reprimanding him for the high cost of living without giving solutions to the skyrocketing prices of foodstuffs.

“Wanasema tu eti bei iko juu, na hawasemi ni njia gani tutamia ndio Bei irudi chini. Alafu wanawaambia eti wakiingia kwa serikali ndio watateremsha bei, mbona wasiseme sai tujue vile tutaokoa watu wetu” he added.

Uhuru also urged electorates to vote for candidates based on the ability to foster the country’s development agenda forward. Without endorsing any candidate, Uhuru stated that Kenya can’t prosper when other notable leaders retreat to castigate and demean what the government has done.

“Kenya haiwezi endelea kama Kuna watu wengine wataendelea kuturudisha nyuma kimaendeleo. Ile kidogo ama Kubwa tumefanya, wanakuja kuanza kuwaambia haifai” added Uhuru.


President Uhuru Kenyatta

This comes barely a week after DP Ruto among other Kenya kwanza allied legislators blamed the Jubilee government for the high cost of living Kenyans are being subjected to.

Countering the high price of Maize flour, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya advised Kenyans to shift from depending on Ugali alone and embrace alternative meals.


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