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Raila Odinga Writes Off Possibility Of Talks With Ruto

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Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has now announced that he is no longer interested in dialogue with President William Ruto.

This comes days after his negotiation team abandoned talks with Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza side, accusing it of being insincere in the negotiations.

He has now announced that he is no longer available for talks and will not participate even if Ruto and his camp invite him for fresh deliberations.


Raila and Ruto

The former Prime Minister has announced that therefore, he has decided to lead his people back to the streets, announcing that demos are coming back.

“Out of good heart, we had agreed to sit with them but they are not sincere. That is why we have resorted to go back to the streets to protest the government policies that are overburdening Kenyans,” the leader is quoted by The Daily Nation.

The veteran politician has told his supporters to prepare to join him back in the streets, announcing fresh protests starting early next month.

“You must be ready to fight for your rights. I will be giving you a signal and tell you when we will resume street demonstrations on July 3,” he is quoted.

His declaration is despite recent attempts by the Ruto wing to bring him back to the negotiation table, with Kenya Kwanza bipartisan committee co-chair George Murugara pleading with Azimio to come back.

The return of the demos will be a return of what was seen earlier, as Raila and his allies in the opposition engaged the police in cat and mouse games in their bid to access the Nairobi Central Business District.


His supporters also engaged anti-riot police in running battles, with injuries, deaths and destruction of property being recorded in Nairobi and several other opposition areas.

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