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“Tunasonga Mbele,” Agnes Kagure Hits Ground In Unique Empowerment Drive

Agnes Kagure expressed that it's effortless to follow the crowd but challenging to be unique, where true growth and impact occur.

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Agnes Kagure interacting with a group of Nairobians

Agnes Kagure, the city tycoon and 2022 gubernatorial candidate, has launched a unique grassroots empowerment initiative. This program is a testament to her commitment to fostering development and uplifting the lives of the common mwananchi, steering clear of the populist politics and public relations stunts that often dominate the political landscape.

Kagure’s approach is a breath of fresh air in a political arena frequently clouded by short-term gimmicks and vote-catching schemes. Her statement on social media resonates with a call to action and a promise of progress: “It doesn’t take much effort to be common and do what everyone is doing; the real pressure comes when you decide to be uncommon and that’s where you grow or impact lives. Our grassroots empowerment journey isn’t stopping, tunasonga mbele.”

Agnes Kagure. Photo: Agnes Kagure.

Agnes Kagure. Photo: Agnes Kagure.

The “Tunasonga Mbele” initiative is a series of programs aimed at providing tangible benefits to the community, such as skill development workshops, small business financing, and infrastructure improvements. Kagure’s focus is on creating sustainable solutions that will have a long-lasting impact on the economic and social well-being of her constituents.

Critics might argue that every politician makes promises, but Kagure’s track record speaks for itself. Her philanthropic endeavors and business acumen have already made significant strides in community development. This new drive is not just about the rhetoric; it’s about action and results.

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Nairobi businesswoman Agnes Kagure in campaign mode in March 2022. PHOTO: COURTESY

As the campaign trail heats up, Kagure’s message is clear: development over demagoguery. Her vision for a prosperous future is rooted in the empowerment of the people, not just in the accumulation of political power. With “Tunasonga Mbele,” she is not just moving forward; she is inviting the entire community to take a step towards a better tomorrow.

This initiative could very well redefine political engagement in the region, setting a new standard for leadership and governance. As Kagure puts it, the journey to empowerment is relentless, and indeed, “tunasonga mbele” – we are moving forward.

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