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Karen Nyamu says ‘Aluta Sunday’ entertainment joints destroying the youth

by Mbugua
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Nyamu, in a social media post, indicated that she had officially notified club owners, expressing concern that the youth were channelling all their funds into clubs instead of more constructive activities.

“Something is ruining the youth here in Nairobi called ALUTA. I am going to tackle that head-on. Club owners, this is your notice,” Nyamu stated on her Instagram.


In response to Nyamu’s notice, popular reggae DJ Double Trouble, one of the DJs behind the renowned shows, stated that they would not accept Nyamu’s stance.

Another fan suggested that Nyamu might be affecting her partner Samidoh’s source of income since clubs are where he often performs.

The program caters to reggae enthusiasts who prefer not to head home after a lively Saturday night out on Sunday morning.

Nyamu’s statements sparked mixed reactions among partygoers and businesspeople, with many arguing that she might jeopardise a popular and enjoyable tradition.

Media personality Joyce Gituro also joined the conversation, supporting Senator Nyamu’s stance.

A few weeks earlier, Gituro went viral while discussing ‘Aluta’ Sundays with her son, Jakes Nyanjom.

Aluta Sundays, a Sunday service that kicks off at 6 am, has become a well-liked gathering for revellers in Nairobi clubs.

Here are some of the reactions :

cee_kesh_babyg Tengeneza kwako kwanza utuachie sherehe tafadhali…mnatustress already pia pombe mtachukua

brendabilongo Izimwe alafu samido aende ku perform wapi?

dee_trapee 😂😂😂we kama samido anapotelea huko pia we enda sisi si watoto wako we mama

alby_254coolest Buy the time somebarry manages to stay up to aluta time. Unakuanga zombie already. No hopes

liaulogeofrey Wee weka samidoh kamba asiende zabe usijaribu kutuchokoza

stevesteve983 Peleka wana uko..hii Kenya yote hakuna issues zingine ziko…places vijana tunaenda kutoa stress ndo mnaona muingilie…

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