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Ruto’s Aide Talam Leave Rita Tinina Funeral Attendees in Stitches

President William Ruto's press secretary Emmanuel Talam cracked up mourners after he confessed that he once thought the late Rita Tinina was going to be his wife.

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Emmanuel Talam and William Ruto. PHOTO/TWITTER

At Rita Tinina’s funeral, a light-hearted moment unfolded as Emmanuel Talam, President William Ruto’s press secretary, shared a personal anecdote from their college days at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Talam humorously confessed he once fancied Rita would be his future wife, a sentiment he harbored when they first met as classmates.

Journalists recount treasured memories of 'humble' Tinina - The Standard

Former KTN journalist Rita Tinina.

His candid revelation brought a wave of laughter among the mourners, especially when he recounted how Rita, noticing his keen interest, advised him to slow down and concentrate on their studies, assuring him that another wife would come his way in time.

Talam described Rita as strikingly beautiful, with her Maasai heritage adding to her allure. Despite his initial infatuation, Rita’s gentle rebuff steered their friendship towards a focus on education. Talam also disclosed a charming secret: he was the mysterious admirer who dedicated a song to Rita on Metro Radio’s ‘Love Zone,’ a program hosted by Eric Latif. The song, “From a Distance,” which he sent anonymously, now held profound meaning for him, symbolizing Rita’s journey to eternal rest and her union with the divine.

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President Ruto Fires His Communication Aide Emmanuel Talam

The story, infused with warmth and nostalgia, highlighted the enduring bonds formed in youth and the cherished memories that remain, even as life takes its course. Talam’s touching tribute, interspersed with humor, offered a glimpse into the lighter moments shared between friends, serving as a reminder of Rita’s vibrant presence and the impact she had on those around her. Accompanied by Dennis Itumbi, another member of the presidential team, Talam’s eulogy celebrated Rita’s life and the joy she brought to others, leaving the audience with smiles amidst their sorrow.

“I wish Eric Latif was here because I have to make some confession before we bury Rita and my good friend and brother Robert take no offense. When Rita came to KIMC, we joined at the same time, same day, same class, I thought she was going to be my wife,” he said.

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