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DP Ruto Cries Foul, Exposes What Deep State Has Done To Him

DP Ruto levels several accusations against the deep state

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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After only a few leaders from the North Eastern area followed DP Ruto to the Mandera County Economic Bloc Forum held in Mandera on Tuesday night. During the meeting,  DP William Ruto remarked on why he had less support from elected officials in Mandera County and blames the deep state for his current political woes.

Ruto stated some politicians from the region were his friends but abandoned him because they were intimidated by the so-called ‘Deep State’ and the ‘System,’.

deep state

DP Ruto at a campaign rally

“Mnajua viongozi wengi hapa kwenu ni marafiki zangu? Si mnajua wamenikimbia na amenikimbia kwa sababu wametishwa. Wengi wako political asylum,” said DP Ruto.

In his Kiswahili statements, DP Ruto was asking;

“Don’t you know that many of your leaders here are my friends? And that they have abandoned me? They have abandoned me because they were threatened. Many of them are in political asylum.”

Ruto addressed the Mandera Crowd that he is Kenya’s Deputy President and that he is neither insane nor foolish. He stated that he is aware of the current events in the world. As Deputy President, Ruto claims that nothing like the Deep State can exist without his knowing.

He stated that the Mandera leaders who abandoned him to back his opponent were dubbed and that the Deep State would assist them in vote fraud. Anyone planning to manipulate his votes, according to Ruto, is merely daydreaming and their plans won’t succeed.

He went ahead and trashed what some f his former supporters were lid by the deep state that they would help them steal votes. He dismissed such fake promises by saying;

“Mkiniangalia mimi nakaa mtu wa kuibiwa kura na mtu wa Vitendawili? Ati mimi niibiwe kura? Hiyo ni kama ndoto ya mchana bwana,” said DP Ruto.

In English, DP Ruto was asking that;

“Do I look like a person whose votes can be rigged? That is daydreaming,” Ruto said sending the crowd wild.

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale and his Wajir West counterpart Ahmed Kolosh were among the Ruto allies from the North Eastern region who attended the meeting.

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