Home Politics Didmus Barasa Eavesdrops On Azimio rally, Walks Away With Eugene Wamalwa’s Crowd

Didmus Barasa Eavesdrops On Azimio rally, Walks Away With Eugene Wamalwa’s Crowd

Didmus Barasa walks away with Eugene Wamalwa's Crowd in Kimilili

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa walked away with Defence cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa’s mammoth crowd during Azimio – One Kenya campaigns in Bungoma.

Wamalwa who was drumming support for Raila Odinga’s presidency was undressed and left with few people after Kimilili legislator, Didmus Barasa, appeared like a ghost on the rooftop and walked away with the entire crowd as he rallied electorates to vote for Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto.

Wamalwa hinted that as Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi jumped the ship to join Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) for an alliance, they will be official to the opposition side in the next government.

“Na Mimi nataka kuambia Didmus Barasa vile Musalia aliruka akaingia pande yao, sasa wote watakua upinzani” said Wamalwa as Didmus Barasa appeared unexpectedly.

“Na Mimi najua Didmus Barasa ako hapa, anasikiza hii maneno. Nimekuona Didmus, just listen and take the message to your friend Musalia Mudavadi” added Wamalwa.


MP Didmus Barasa addressing Kenya Kwanza supporters in Kimilili

Didmus Barasa on the other hand, pulled a thunderous crowd as he marketed DP Ruto’s bottom-up economic agenda to the locals.

Sarcastically, Didmus claimed that Eugene Wamalwa portrays woman characteristics as it serves him better to earn the women tag.

“Nilisikia juzi akisema ata Ruto amuombe msamaha kwa sababu alimuita mwanamke, nataka kurudia hapa kwa kusema wanaume hatuna tabia kama za Eugene kwa hiyo yeye ni mwanamke” he said.

He jokingly assured to vouch for Wamalwa to get married to any of the six suitors who he alleged had submitted their marriage proposal.

“I have almost six men who want to marry him. I will vet them to see potential husband to Eugene Wamalwa” added Didmus Barasa.

Barely a month ago, Ruto had sarcastically refuted claims that he wanted to slap Wamalwa in 2018 after securing a cabinet appointment.

“Our culture doesn’t allow us to slap women. It is against our culture and taboo to slap a woman” Ruto said.

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